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Grand Rapids-based Education Planning Services

Crafting brighter futures for our clients’ children and grandchildren.

If your financial goals include covering college education expenses for a child or grandchild, it’s important to start the education planning process early. By diving deep into your goals for your children’s education, we can help you implement various tools and strategies to create a custom college savings plan to minimize taxes and maximize your ability to cover the rising costs of college.

  • 529 plan implementation and monitoring
  • Tax-efficient college savings strategies
  • Coverdell education savings accounts
  • Custodial accounts such as UGMAs and UTMAs

529 Plan Implementation and Monitoring

A 529 Plan is an essential tool in the arsenal of education savings, offering tax advantages and flexibility that can adapt to the evolving educational needs of your child or grandchild. Hill Island Financial provides expert guidance in selecting and managing a 529 Plan that aligns with your investment preferences and financial objectives. We monitor performance and legislative updates, ensuring your plan stays optimized for maximum benefit and aligns with your long-term educational funding goals.

Read our article about 529 plans and adjustments to FAFSA that have created the “grandparent loophole”.

Tax-Efficient College Savings Strategies

Our advisors specialize in developing tax-efficient strategies to maximize the growth potential of your investments while minimizing tax liabilities, specifically tailored to your unique financial situation. This includes selecting the right savings accounts, strategically timing contributions and withdrawals, and ensuring that every dollar saved effectively contributes to funding education.

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

Families looking for flexibility in educational savings can consider Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). These accounts can be used to cover a range of educational expenses, including costs for elementary and secondary school and college tuition. At Hill Island Financial, our financial advisors can assist you in incorporating a Coverdell ESA into your overall financial and education planning strategy. We can help you maximize the benefits while considering contribution limits and eligibility requirements.

Custodial Accounts (UGMAs and UTMAs)

Custodial accounts are an excellent way to give assets to minors, providing them with a financial foundation that can be used for education or other significant life events. Hill Island Financial can guide you through setting up and managing UGMAs and UTMAs. Our advice covers everything from the tax implications of gifting to understanding how these assets might affect financial aid eligibility, ensuring these accounts are set up to best serve the minor’s future financial independence and well-being.

Why Choose Hill Island Financial for Your Education Planning?

At Hill Island Financial, our commitment to your family’s financial success extends to ensuring the next generation can achieve their educational dreams without financial hindrance. Our approach is personalized, proactive, and rooted in a deep understanding of families’ unique needs and goals. We prioritize:

  • Personalized Advice: Tailored strategies that reflect your family’s aspirations and financial landscape.
  • Comprehensive Support: From selecting the right savings vehicle to adjusting strategies over time, we’re with you at every step.
  • Expert Guidance: Our advisors combine expertise in finance with a genuine commitment to your family’s educational goals, ensuring you feel confident and informed.

Hill Island Financial can assist you in creating a comprehensive plan that ensures educational goals are met with thoughtful planning and strategic foresight. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help secure a bright academic future for your loved ones.

Disclosure: 529 plans provide financial professionals compensation via the underlying mutual funds, which requires the financial professional to be registered with a broker-dealer. Hill Island Financial is not registered with a broker-dealer. However, to best suit our clients’ needs, Hill Island assists with 529 plans and collects no compensation. We cannot accept traditional 529 compensation, and we do not charge a financial planning fee associated with our college-planning work.

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