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Providing Comprehensive Financial Planning for Families in Michigan

Financial planning is a family affair we are intentional about a multi-generational approach

At Hill Island, we view financial planning as a family affair. Many of our clients wish to provide for future generations of family members, which is why we take a multi-generational approach to family financial planning.

Focusing on customized investment management and long-term family goals, we aim to provide opportunities to improve financial outcomes. We’re dedicated to preparing the next generation for wealth transfer, laying the groundwork for their financial goals.

As appropriate, we involve the next generation in the family financial planning process to ensure your loved ones remain informed of your priorities and hopes for the future. 

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  • Facilitating conversations about long-term goals and family priorities
  • Helping to ensure all family members’ opinions, values and goals are reflected in the strategies employed
  • Providing custom, actionable opportunities to improve outcomes
  • Incorporating tax planning*, estate planning*, growth, and wealth preservation strategies as part of a comprehensive plan
  • Facilitating gifts to family members
  • Incorporating charitable giving strategies such as family foundations, donor-advised funds and appreciated stock contributions
  • Providing education to younger generations to prepare for an eventual transfer of wealth

* Hill Island Financial and its investment adviser representatives are not CPAs or tax attorneys. Our work involves coordinating with your tax professional, not providing tax advice.

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